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Tsnal Lezgi spoken corpus

The corpus contains oral texts in the Tsnal variety of Lezgi. The texts were recorded and transcribed by Fazir Dzhaferov in 2019–2020 in the village of Tsnal of the Khivsky District of the Republic of Dagestan. The texts were analyzed by Ilya Sadakov in 2020-2023 and Zarina Kerimova in 2022, and processed for inclusion in the corpus by Ilya Sadakov.

The project supervisors are Nina Dobrushina and George Moroz. The author (Ilya Sadakov) is grateful to them for their guidance, support and patience. The author also thanks Fazir Dzhaferov for his immeasurable work in collecting texts and for his passion for his native speech; Polina Nasledskova for sharing her experience of working with field recordings; Alexander Arkhipov for his guidance on the transferring of language data; and Anna Lander for her help in getting acquainted with Tsakorpus.

The Tsnal Lezgi spoken corpus is a project supported by the Linguistic Convergence Laboratory of the National Research University Higher School of Economics.



You may contact us with questions about the Corpus:
Ilya Sadakov: saltymon@gmail.com

How to cite the corpus

If you use data from the Corpus in your research, please cite as follows:

Fazir Dzhaferov, Ilya Sadakov. 2023. Tsnal Lezgi spoken corpus. Moscow: Linguistic Convergence Laboratory, NRU HSE. (Available online at http://lingconlab.ru/tsnal_lezgi/, accessed on .)